A review of integrated marketing communication

Key benefits of Integration Marketing Communication

The method of integrated marketing communication has always been a simple concept. It is used for ensuring that all forms of messages and communications are linked together carefully. At a basic level, IMC is meant to integrate all types of promotional tools such that they can work together in harmony.

Most of the communication tools work much better when they are working together in harmony. They are much more useful – providing they need to speak consistently with a single voice all the time. It can be enhanced when the integration goes beyond the basic communication tools. You can find many levels of integrations like Vertical, Horizontal, Data, Internal, and External integration.

Key benefits of Integration Marketing Communication

Integration Marketing Communication provides a number of benefits mostly related to how customers understand or perceive your brand or company’s message. Here are some of the major benefits of IMC.

  • Clarity

In the world of marketing, a clear and enforced message is more effective than a number of different half-hearted messages. During every marketing cycle or marketing campaign, the brand has to decide what the focus of their advertising is such that customers will not have any problem clearly understanding the message you’re trying to communicate.


  • Consistency

Consistent messaging will be less confusing to the customers. That is why a lot of brands try to pick a tagline and use it for advertising in the print ads, hashtag campaigns, commercials, and more.


  • Placement

There is no guarantee that all of your customers will see your advertising. The customers that get their advertisements on a billboard might not see your commercials while the customers who hear your radio ads might not see your digital ads. It is best to advertise in multiple platforms such that no one misses out.