How much more traffic should you actually be getting? SEO Tips

As a business, it is really important that you know how to properly diversify the traffic which comes to your website without having to rely entirely on search engine optimization. When you think of the long-term traffic potential of any marketing strategy, SEO and content marketing will always give you the biggest return of the investment. These will naturally provide compounding returns over time while having no risk virtually as long as they are executed properly. However, there might be one major disadvantage to them as they take a long time for setting up and returning a positive ROI.

But what if you want to increase the traffic? What if you want to know how much more traffic should you actually be getting? There are many options and each of them comes with a few advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of the ways to improve the traffic.

  • Guest Post

Guest Posts will serve multiple functions as they will allow you to connect with the big names that are already having an established audience while they also allow you to direct valuable traffic to your website.


  • Building your social media audience

The process of social media building can often be unpredictable but with the priorities in order, it can be an effective way to broaden your potential user base. On social media, you get an opportunity to engage with the users directly as you can attract them naturally or using ads. This will help direct more traffic to the website and also engage more people.


  • Leverage influencers

High-profile publishers are a shortcut to a wider audience. Influencers also work in the same way except they engage with individuals rather than hosting your content on an external site. You can search influencers who are willing to promote your content while providing them with some incentives.


by Sameh Habeeb