Close Range Marketing (CRM)

Close Range Marketing or also known as proximity marketing is the marketing where the company makes use of Bluetooth or Wi-Fi for sending promotional messages about their services and products to the customer’s smartphones, tablets, or any other devices within the limited radius.

CRM is highly beneficial for in-store sales techniques as the retailers can set up Bluetooth at a particular spot and allow the location to be sent to any Bluetooth enabled device within the transmitter’s range.

Close Range Marketing is finally beginning to allow the customer’s behaviour tracking in some of the ways that were never possible before. You can set up beacons throughout your store and track who has visited the store, what sections do the people like, what are their favourite spots, and other types of information at any given time.

Who is known for employing Close Range Marketing campaigns?

Even though many aspects of CRM have been around for a long time, it should still be considered a relatively new practice. Many people have opted to test its effects on the shoppers before contemplating if it is a sound multichannel investment or not. CRM is a major plus point for any business and in the coming future, it will definitely become a powerful and influential factor in the real-time decision-making processes.

A lot of businesses these days are making use of close range marketing campaigns for giving them new information about their customers and also for promoting their services and products. It also includes all the large corporations that want to convey a more local vibe to people who are passing by or even art-house movie theatres that are looking to attract a newer demographic of movie fanatics. This concept even works for venues like basketball stadiums that want to send out schedules regarding upcoming events or even the fans in attendance who want a playlist of the music being played.