How to develop a Marketing Strategy – by Sameh Habeeb

Marketing Strategy Key Tips

How to develop a marketing strategy

The concept of marketing strategy is really simple. It gives a better idea of how a company is going to market its services, products, or business to the customers. It helps to lay out the objects and how to execute them. The definition of marketing strategy is very broad and it can cover anything – from a 6-month goal to a ten-year vision. It is important to know how to develop a reliable marketing strategy that you know will work. Here is how you can develop a marketing strategy to help your business flourish.

  • Identify the business goals

For developing a marketing strategy, you need to identify your business goals and set definite marketing goals for supporting them. The business goals can include

  1. Increase the awareness of your services and products
  2. Selling more products than before
  3. Expanding your services to reach a wider user base


  • State the marketing goals

You must set specific marketing goals in accordance with the business goals listed in the previous phase. These will help motivate you to reach the benchmark of success you decided. Some of the marketing goals are –

  1. Increased marketing penetration
  2. Improvement in market development


  • Research your customer market

The art of research is a very essential detail in your marketing strategy that should never be overlooked. You can gather information about audience like social trends, growth, demographics, and more. Keeping an eye on the market is important because it allows you to be aware of the changes and also in keeping your strategy relevant.


  • Profile your potential customers

Using the market research, you can develop a profile of your target customers and it will help you in identifying their needs.


  • Develop strategies for supporting marketing goals

You can list your markets that you want to target and decide a strategy to attract and retain them. You can make use of online social media presence by posting updates of your product on Facebook and Twitter or by advertising in a local magazine.


  • Testing the ideas

When you are deciding the tactics, you must perform online research, test some ideas, approaches on your staff and customers, and review which of them work. You can choose from a number of tactics so that you can meet the customer’s needs and reach the customers in your target market.

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