Candidate Sameh Habeeb: Open call to Muslim Community in Ealing Borough don’t let Candidates exploit places of worship


Candidate Sameh Habeeb: Open call to Muslim Community in Ealing Borough don’t let Candidates exploit places of worship

Ealing, UK – Friday, 29/03/2024- Sameh Habeeb, an independent candidate contesting the Ealing North constituency seat in the upcoming UK General Election, expressed his deep concerns about the relentless attempts by James Murray MP to exploit Muslim places of worshipping across Ealing North at the time where fails to server his Muslim constituents and what they stand for. Habeeb noted that James is “misleading” Muslim voters by just visiting Islamic centres or mosques to help the branding of his campaign particularly after his anti ceasefire positions.

Despite being entrusted with the responsibility of addressing the concerns of all constituents, Murray’s lack of genuine interaction and questionable stances have left the Muslim community feeling marginalized and disenchanted.

Habeeb who met representatives of the Muslim Community in Ealing north noted that there are Key grievances raised by the Muslim residents of Ealing North include:

  • Lack of Meaningful Engagement: James Murray’s tenure has been characterized by a superficial approach to engaging with the Muslim community. While he may make sporadic visits to Muslim centers and mosques for photo opportunities, his interactions lack substance and fail to address the pressing issues faced by Muslim residents on a day-to-day basis.
  • Opposition to Gaza Ceasefire: Many Muslim residents express deep disappointment with Murray’s public stance against a ceasefire in Gaza during times of conflict. His position contradicts the values of peace and humanitarianism cherished by the local Muslim population, further eroding trust in his ability to advocate for their interests effectively.
  • Failure to Address Muslim-Specific Concerns: Murray has shown a lack of commitment to addressing issues specific to the Muslim community, such as Islamophobia, religious discrimination, and cultural integration.

His neglect of these critical issues has fueled frustration and disillusionment among Muslim residents, who rightfully expect their elected representative to champion their rights and well-being.

In response to Murray’s inadequate representation and tokenistic gestures towards the Muslim community, Sameh Habeeb calls upon mosques and Islamic centers in Ealing North not to allow James Murray and other MPs/candidates to exploit places of worship for election gains.

Habeeb emphasizes the importance of holding elected officials accountable and rallying behind candidates who genuinely seek to address the concerns of all communities within the constituency.

“It is time for the Muslim residents of Ealing North to demand authentic representation and proactive engagement from their elected representatives,” said Sameh Habeeb.

“We cannot afford to be placated by empty gestures and photo opportunities. I urge mosques and Islamic centers to stand in solidarity with their community members and support candidates who are committed to advocating for their interests.” He added

As the UK General Election approaches, Sameh Habeeb calls upon Muslim voters in Ealing North to consider his candidacy as a voice of integrity and inclusivity in Parliament.

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Sameh Habeeb

Sameh Habeeb

Sameh Habeeb is a strong parliamentary candidate for Ealing North who will brings reforms to address Social Housing, Mental Health Issues, Environmental Challenges, Promote Local Economy that current MP James Murray ignoring since 2019.

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