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Sameh Habeeb

From Gaza’s Scars to Ealing’s Struggles: Our Fight for Justice

Born under the shadow of conflict in the Gaza Strip, the echoes of bombings and the loss of loved ones, like my friend Shafiq, became the harsh soundtrack of my childhood. Seeking refuge in the UK, I carried the scars of war but yearned for a new beginning.

Yet, the reality of Ealing, my adopted home for many years, brought a sense of déjà vu. Here, too, I witnessed the grip of social injustice – the lack of decent housing, the struggle for proper healthcare, and the heartbreaking neglect of the vulnerable. Witnessing the plight of the elderly and homeless, cast aside by the council, a fire ignited within me.

The memory of my friend Yousef, a victim of the healthcare system’s shortcomings, particularly the lack of mental health support, is a permanent scar on my soul. His suicide at Ealing Broadway station is a stark reminder of a system failing those of us who need it most.

This isn’t just a personal story; it’s the collective narrative of Ealing’s residents who endure the consequences of social and economic disparities, often exacerbated by the failures of the dominant parties.

Years of witnessing the status quo and the current MP’s lack of tangible progress, we demand change. We need a system that prioritizes the well-being of its citizens, a system that actively combats injustice and inequality. The current state is unacceptable. It’s time to break free from the cycle of unfulfilled promises. It’s time for a new vision, a new voice to champion the needs of the community.

My heritage is woven with a profound respect for those who have walked the path before us. In my culture, caring for the elderly isn’t just a duty, it’s an act of reverence.

Witnessing the plight of seniors in Ealing who struggle with basic necessities – a lack of specialized housing, inadequate care home options, and insufficient support for home modifications and in-home care – has ignited a burning passion within me.

The silence in the face of these challenges is deafening. The current MP’s track record, marked by a complete absence of progress on these critical issues, is simply unacceptable.

I stand here not with empty promises, but with an unwavering commitment to fight for the rights of every individual in our constituency. This isn’t just about ticking boxes; it’s about ensuring a life of dignity and well-being for all residents in Ealing North.

Sameh Habeeb

For Ealing North
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About Sameh Habeeb

Ealing North Must Change!

I understand the challenges we face, and I’m committed to listening to your concerns and working tirelessly to address them. I also hear the agony of people of ethnic minorities and migrant’s background who are being neglected by central government and failed by the current MP. Sadly, the current Labour MP is NOT. Labour Party takes this constituency Foregranted as Safe Sea, But not anymore.

Mission & Vision

Vote Sameh Habeeb
For, Safer, and Inclusive
Ealing North!

I believe that together, we can build a brighter future for Ealing North. I’m committed to being a strong voice for our community in Parliament and working tirelessly to address the issues that matter most to you.


Homes for Ealing North:
Ealing has serious housing problem. Both Labour and Tories achieved nothing for our constituency. Residents are forced to pay high rents for substandard homes, whilst living cost is soaring. My priority will be to pressure the Government to build more housing for residents.


As your MP I will strive and fight for a better NHS services, more housing, more social care services and ensure that both parties are actively working for the people of Ealing North and Ealing Borough in general.

Concern Issues

My Top Priorities

Tackling the Housing Crisis:

  • Advocate for increased investment in affordable housing options, including social housing and schemes for first-time buyers.
  • Work and pressure local authorities to ensure responsible development that protects green spaces and the character of our neighborhoods.
  • ⁠Implement measures to prevent unfair rent hikes and protect tenants' rights.

Supporting a Strong Local Economy:

  • Champion policies that create good-paying jobs and support local businesses, particularly those impacted by rising costs.
  • Invest in skills training and education programs to equip residents with the necessary skills for the future workforce.
  • Promote initiatives that encourage sustainable and responsible business practices.

Strengthening Our NHS:

  • Lobby for increased funding for our local hospitals and GP surgeries, ensuring timely access to quality healthcare for everyone.
  • Support initiatives that improve mental health services and address the growing demand for mental health support.
  • Work to reduce hospital wait times and ensure adequate staffing levels across all healthcare services.

Delivering Excellent Education:

  • Campaign for increased funding for schools to ensure smaller class sizes, better resources, and more extracurricular activities.
  • Work with local authorities to ensure there are enough school places to meet the needs of the growing population.
  • Champion policies that support teachers and provide them with the resources they need to succeed.

Investing in Community Policing:

  • Work with local authorities and the police to increase police presence in areas of concern and improve response times.
  • Support initiatives that address the root causes of crime, such as poverty and social inequality.
  • Promote community engagement programs to foster trust and cooperation between residents and the police.

Creating a Safer Environment

  • Implement measures to tackle anti-social behavior and ensure everyone feels safe in their neighborhood.
  • Invest in initiatives that promote road safety and reduce traffic congestion.
  • Support programs that provide support and opportunities for young people, helping them stay on the right track.

Championing Green Policies

  • Advocate for policies that improve air quality and reduce pollution levels within the constituency.
  • Support efforts to protect and maintain existing green spaces, while also exploring opportunities to create new ones.
  • Promote sustainable development practices and encourage residents to adopt environmentally friendly habits.

Investing in Community Infrastructure:

  • Work with local authorities to ensure well-maintained roads, parks, and public spaces for everyone to enjoy.
  • Support initiatives that promote arts, culture, and recreational activities within the community.
  • Advocate for accessible public transport options for all residents, regardless of their age or ability.

Promoting Community Cohesion:

  • Celebrate the diversity of Ealing North and foster a sense of belonging for all residents.
  • Support initiatives that bring people together and promote cross-cultural understanding.
  • Work to address any issues of social division or discrimination within the community.
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Join me in shaping a brighter future for Ealing North – your support and aid are crucial in our journey towards progress and prosperity.

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Canvassing in Ealing North

Empower change at our Human Rights Conference in Ealing North – together, we can uphold justice and equality for all.


April, 2024

Long Campaign Launch Ealing North

Chart the course for Economic Development in Ealing North – let’s build a thriving community with opportunities for every resident.


May, 2024

Canvassing in Ealing North

Secure Affordable, Quality Health Care for Ealing North – join us in ensuring accessible healthcare services that prioritize the well-being of our constituents.


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