Sameh Habeeb, Candidate for Ealing North, Expresses Full Support for Perivale Residents’ Protest Against more HMOs


Ealing, London – Sameh Habeeb, the independent parliamentary candidate for Ealing North, extends his unwavering support to the residents of Perivale as they raise their voices in protest against Ealing Council’s handling of housing issues.

As local officials convened for an evening meeting at the Ealing Council offices, they faced a chorus of discontent from Perivale residents. Echoing across the forecourt were chants demanding an end to the spread of Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs), underscoring the community’s frustration and urgency for action.

Sameh Habeeb stands united with Perivale residents in their call for the council to address their concerns. The residents’ fears about safety and neighborhood integrity are genuine and deserve serious attention. Habeeb added that Ealing Council is rushing into approving more HMOs instead of finding long term solutions which is more affordable housing and controlled rent.

Local residents complained that “The escalating presence of HMOs, often linked to antisocial behaviour, poses a real threat to Perivale residents’ well-being. Revelations of potentially higher HMO numbers than officially reported highlight the gravity of the situation.”

It’s unacceptable that the council’s response has been perceived as inadequate. Residents feel abandoned and unprotected, with council officers seemingly unable or unwilling to address their concerns.

As a community advocate, Sameh Habeeb pledges unwavering support to Perivale residents in their struggle against an ineffective council and opportunistic landlords. It’s time for meaningful action, and he vows to amplify the residents’ voices to ensure their concerns are heard and acted upon promptly.

Furthermore, Sameh Habeeb urges Ealing Council to prioritize genuine engagement with residents and ensure that their voices are heard and respected in decision-making processes. A disconnect between the council and the community only exacerbates tensions and leads to a lack of trust in local governance.

Moreover, the relentless pursuit of more HMOs primarily benefits wealthy landlords at the expense of local residents. We must question the necessity for additional housing in the borough and challenge the flawed housing policies of Ealing Council, which have failed to address the needs of the community adequately.

Sameh added that “it is imperative for Ealing Council to reevaluate its housing policies and prioritise the well-being and interests of local residents over the profits of a few. Only through genuine collaboration and responsive governance can we build a stronger and more inclusive community for all residents of Ealing North.”


Protest against HMOs in Perivale outside Ealing Council (credit: Rory Bennett/MyLondon).


Sameh Habeeb

Sameh Habeeb

Sameh Habeeb is a strong parliamentary candidate for Ealing North who will brings reforms to address Social Housing, Mental Health Issues, Environmental Challenges, Promote Local Economy that current MP James Murray ignoring since 2019.

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