Press Release: Ealing North Independent Candidate Condemns MP James Murray’s Silence on Killing of British Nationals in Gaza

Ealing, London – Sameh Habeeb, Independent Candidate for Ealing North, has expressed profound dismay and shock over the deafening silence of James Murray, the incumbent MP for Ealing North, regarding the tragic killing of three British nationals in Gaza. The three individuals, John Chapman, James Kirby, and James (Jim) Henderson, were working as relief workers for the World Central Kitchen (WCK) when they fell victim to an Israeli airstrike.

It is evident that James Murray’s silence may be motivated by a desire not to upset his friends in Israel and within the Labour Party, a stance that prioritizes political alliances over the fundamental duty of protecting British citizens abroad.

John Chapman, 57, James Kirby, 47, and James (Jim) Henderson, 33, were all former soldiers who had dedicated their lives to serving their country. They were part of the security team employed by UK-based security firm Solace Global, providing crucial assistance to WCK’s humanitarian efforts in Gaza.

Mr. Chapman, described by his family as “an incredible father, husband, son, and brother,” was among the three British nationals tragically killed. Mr. Kirby, born in Bristol and a veteran of tours in Bosnia and Afghanistan, was hailed by his family as a hero whose absence leaves an irreplaceable void. James Henderson, the youngest of the three victims, had only been in Gaza for just over a week and was set to return home imminently before his life was abruptly cut short.

In light of this appalling tragedy, Sameh Habeeb questions James Murray’s inexplicable silence and failure to condemn the killings. As an elected representative of Ealing North, it is incumbent upon Mr. Murray to speak out against such atrocities, particularly when British nationals are involved. The absence of any statement or action from Mr. Murray raises serious concerns about his commitment to representing and advocating for the interests and safety of his constituents, both at home and abroad.

“It is deeply disappointing and utterly unacceptable that James Murray has chosen to remain silent in the face of such a horrific loss of British lives,” said Sameh Habeeb. “As an MP, it is his duty to stand up for the rights and security of all British citizens, regardless of where they may be. His silence only serves to amplify the voices of those who seek to ignore or downplay the gravity of this tragedy.”

Sameh Habeeb calls on James Murray to immediately break his silence and publicly condemn the killing of John Chapman, James Kirby, and James Henderson. Furthermore, he urges Mr. Murray to take concrete steps to ensure that justice is served for the victims and their families, and to actively engage with relevant authorities to prevent such senseless loss of life in the future.

Furthermore, a landslide majority of Ealing North residents oppose the ongoing Israeli genocide in Gaza, yet James Murray has failed to represent their voices in parliament. His lack of advocacy for social justice issues has led to a loss of trust among the public, including members of his own party.

Habeeb concluded that “it is evident that James Murray is disconnected from reality on numerous local and national issues, choosing to focus solely on his role within the Labour shadow cabinet to the detriment of his constituents.”


Sameh Habeeb

Sameh Habeeb

Sameh Habeeb is a strong parliamentary candidate for Ealing North who will brings reforms to address Social Housing, Mental Health Issues, Environmental Challenges, Promote Local Economy that current MP James Murray ignoring since 2019.

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