Sameh Habeeb Calls on UK Government to Impose Arms Embargo on Israel and Condemns Labour Party’s Silence on Gaza Genocide

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Ealing, UK – Independent Parliamentary candidate Sameh Habeeb, running for Ealing North, has vehemently called on the UK government to immediately cease arms exports to Israel amidst ongoing atrocities in Gaza. Mr. Habeeb denounces the UK’s complicity in the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Gaza genocide and holds the government accountable for perpetuating the war crimes by supplying arms to Israel.

Despite mounting evidence of war crimes and genocide casualties resulting from Israeli military attacks against civilians, the UK government has failed to take meaningful steps to halt arms exports to Israel. The types of arms and arsenal being sold or sent to Israel include advanced weaponry, ammunition, and military technology, which directly contribute to the oppression and subjugation of Palestinian civilians.

“The UK government’s continued arms sales to Israel amid the ongoing genocide in Gaza is unconscionable,” said Sameh Habeeb. “By supplying weapons that are used to perpetrate violence and violate human rights, the UK government shares responsibility for the bloodshed and suffering inflicted upon innocent civilians in Gaza.”

Moreover, Mr. Habeeb condemns the Labour Party’s silence on the issue, particularly its leadership and MPs who have failed to demand an immediate halt to arms exports to Israel. Labour MP James Murray’s inaction and refusal to support a ceasefire in Gaza are particularly egregious, leaving Ealing North residents deeply disappointed and angered.

“I have spoken with residents of Ealing North who are appalled by the Labour Party’s lack of action and leadership on this critical issue,” stated Sameh Habeeb. “Labour has shown a blatant disregard for peace in the Middle East and has adopted a double standard in its approach to human rights. James Murray’s silence speaks volumes about his priorities and his failure to stand up for justice and human rights. Ealing North residents told me that they will ensure to punish Murray in the next general election.”

Mr. Habeeb further emphasizes that James Murray’s failure to condemn the Israeli genocide in Gaza suggests a lack of independence and moral courage, as he appears to prioritize loyalty to Labour leader Keir Starmer over the interests of his constituents.

“James Murray MP should have the courage to speak up and represent the constituents who gave him their mandate,” Mr. Habeeb asserted. “It is high time for him to denounce the Israeli genocide in Gaza and demand an immediate halt to arms exports, regardless of potential ramifications from his party leadership.”

As an independent candidate for Ealing North, Sameh Habeeb pledges to be a vocal advocate for justice and peace in Palestine and other parts of the world. He calls on the UK government to prioritize human rights over arms sales and urges Labour Party leadership and MPs to demonstrate moral courage by demanding an immediate cessation of arms exports to Israel.

Millions across the country especially in Ealing north were shocked of the pro genocide statements stated by Keir Starmer at LBC radio where he said “I think that Israel does have that right.” Starmer also told Nick Ferrari of LBC that it is “acceptable for Israel to withhold power and water from citizens in Gaza.” despite such pro genocide statements the local MP James Murray did not make any position to refuse what his leader said.

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Sameh Habeeb

Sameh Habeeb

Sameh Habeeb is a strong parliamentary candidate for Ealing North who will brings reforms to address Social Housing, Mental Health Issues, Environmental Challenges, Promote Local Economy that current MP James Murray ignoring since 2019.

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